Kristall, The Domestication of Water

by Daryan Knoblauch


Kristall uses water as its vehicle to interrogate abject forms of urbanism and uncovers the techno-human assemblage that structures our territories, urban environments, homes, and bodies. The project investigates the emergence of the western bathroom and its entanglement into an ever-growing machining hinterland through a research by design, design by research methodology. Bathrooms connect the private sphere with the public realm and allow bodies, technologies, domestic interiors, and urban systems to operate intimately in coherent existence. Through historical and typological analysis, the bathroom's cultural and architectural characteristics are uncovered and furthermore instrumentalized in term of its design. The design, Kristall, is in search of alternative infrastructural occupation models, performative infrastructures, and communal landscapes of care within the "terrain vague".

1. Kristall 4 - Water Treatment Plant - Janitors Bathroom | Daryan Knoblauch

2. Kristall 4 - Water Treatment Plant - Janitors Chamber | Daryan Knoblauch

3. Kristall 1 - Bath | Daryan Knoblauch

4. Kristall 2 - Domestic | Daryan Knoblauch


Daryan Knoblauch↩

*The project has its roots in Projective Cities, the MPhil programme at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London.