by Elsa Brès


300 million years ago, the North of France was a swamp. 140 years ago, a canal was dug in the middle of a city and water was never put in it. One day, wanderers decide to pick up the debris of one world along the way to start another.

1. Love Canal still | Elsa Brès

2. Love Canal still | Elsa Brès

3. Love Canal still | Elsa Brès

Love Canal is all shot on locations in former industrial sites in the north of France mining region. It is a film that questions the reclaiming of these wasted areas and landscapes, through (science)-fiction, sculpture, poetry and the spectrum of the living.


Written & directed: Elsa Brès↩
Casting: Adrien Chevrot, Régina Demina, Thibaud Le Maguer, Victor Vaysse Do, and Joris Cottin
Sound: Sébastien Eugene
Editing: Isabelle Prim and Elsa Brès
Sound Editing: Maxence Ciekawy
Soundmix: Maxence Ciekawy
Sound design: Méryll Ampe
Music: Yong Yong