by Marc Augè, Robert Storr, Paul Virilio, Wu Ming, and others


The research on unfinished architecture addresses the theme of unfinished public works in Italy, investigating in a multi-disciplinary way the relationships between these architectural works and the context into which they are inserted, asserting their artistic value and proposing them as a new stylistic definition.
We see the entire "national system of unfinished works" that we uncovered over about ten years of research as a material witness to the current socio-cultural context that permeates everyday life, and we propose a definition as a new style that will return its contents from multiple points of view.

1. Sport Palace Nuoro | Photo by Alterazioni Video

What we mean by this is to demonstrate how the Incompiuto is not just a label within which to forcibly enclose a heterogeneous set of works, but rather a real theoretical model, capable of recognizing, identifying, and even to a certain extent predicting the configuration of a work or a system of unfinished works in the process of becoming. Unfinished works appear to us as sites of collective memory yet to be investigated. Born as ruins and produced by a compressed time, they are architectural works that shape the landscape.
The definition of an architectural style indeed makes it possible to identify a theoretical model of reference capable of providing an interpretative paradigm of a phenomenon present throughout the national territory, and in particular in the Sicilian one, typical of the ‘70s-‘80s, but which is possible to trace from the ‘50s up to today; a tool for interpreting the recent history of our country.

2. Viaduct Barche Bomba | Photo by Alterazioni Video

Attributing an artistic and architectural significance to the unfinished means devising another way to read these sites, recognizing the unfinished works as resources for the territory.

3. Viaduct  Mussumeli | Photo by Alterazioni Video

Unfinished is now entering its second phase, concentrated on repurposing the uncompleted buildings. Left structurally unchanged as monuments to the present, the idea is to transform them into multifunction sites for outdoor cultural and athletic activities, like parks, gardens, auditoriums, and theaters.
Alterazioni Video wants to turn these failures into a positive, transforming those abandoned sites into monuments that can be traversed, experienced by people. These places are representative of our contemporary society that tries to hide its failures by leaving them in oblivion. This project does not intend to make a complaint but on the contrary wants to celebrate the existence of these works. In this regard in 2021 we have started  the process for the realization of the first unfinished monument and park in Nuoro, Sardinia.

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