Due to fluctuating political, social, and economic conditions, our cities exist in a constant state of physical transformation. One consequence of these transformations is a residue of left-over spaces – neglected voids within the urban fabric which the architectural theorist Ignasi de Solà-Morales Rubió has termed terrain vague.
Solà-Morales described the concept of terrain vague as, “external places, strange places left outside the city’s effective circuits and productive structures”, these spaces include, “industrial areas, railway stations, ports, unsafe residential neighborhoods, and contaminated places.”
Other Spaces is a curation of ideas and projects which examine the condition of terrain vague. The projects presented here consider the question of urban wastelands through a variety of mediums and approaches; art, architecture, landscape, critique, and provocation.

With special thanks to the contributors
Adam Harris
Ainslie Murray
Alterazioni Video
Alison Hugill
Ashley Bigham
Berk Asal
Brittany Devlin
Calandrini Nicolò
Campbell Drake
Cathy Smith
Christine Phillips
Connie Meseguer
Dan Dorocic
Daryan Knoblauch
David Pérez
DELACAVE Architectes | Architectural Think Tank
Demet Dincer
Ed Wall
Eleanor Peres
Elsa Brès
Erik Herrmann
Eugene Perepletchikov
Fabienne Andrea Keller
Frida Robles
Gianni Laneri
Helen Lochhead
Ioanna Sotiriou
Irvandy Syafruddin
Irwan Ahmet
Javier Arias
Jesus Meseguer
Jiatong Shi
Jillian Walliss
Jinjoo Yang
Joel Austin Cunningham
Joseph Norster
Juraj Horňak
Kate Donaldson
Kwan Q Li
Kyle Bush
Lasse Mouritzen
Laura Syzman
Lena Heubusch
Loren Adams
Luka Murovec
Marc Augè
Maria Pina Usai
Michael Maginness
Millie Cattlin
Mireia Ferri
Natarsha Tezcan
Nic Quantock-Holmes
Oli Brown
Outpost Office
Paribartana Mohanty
Paul Virilio
Pedro Inoue
Philip Crowther
Phillipp Von Hase
Public Realm Lab
Rambelli Francesco
Robert Snelling
Robert Storr
Samuel Carvalho
Sara Adam
Sinead Petrasek
Sophie Marthe
Stefania Toro
Stuart Alexander Schibli
Studio ON/OFF
Susana Moliner
Tania Davidge
Tavaniello Boresi Mirko
Thijs Vleeschouwer
Tita Salina
Urban Radicals
Weijie Hu
Wu Ming
Yoi Kuwakubo
Yuchen Gao
Zachi Raz-el
Zoe Ritts

The exhibition was curated and designed by Amy Evans.↩

Amy Evans is a Melbourne based registered architect currently experimenting and designing in the fields of architecture, art, research, teaching, curation, and exhibition. She explores research topics through the design studios she leads at both the Royal Melbourne Institution of Technology (RMIT) and the University of Melbourne. Amy is a recipient of the Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarship for her ongoing project titled The City Shaped which explores the relationship between the social and urban fabric of cities, both locally and abroad.

The website was designed by Zenobia Ahmed.↩ 


This exhibition was curated and designed on the land of the Wurundjeri People of the Kulin Nations, we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.
Other Spaces acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land in which this exhibition was created, and we acknowledge that these lands were never ceded.

This event is part of Melbourne Design Week 2022 ↩, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV.